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27 Sep  2019 1047

In Estonia found the approach to violators

Police will allow the driver to choose between paying a fine or stoping for calm.

In the coming weeks, police will use this method. When the police stop the driver exceeded the speed limit, he will be offered a choice of two options: pay a fine or to stand for some time on the sidelines. That is to pay his time. This writes Postimees. Stop may last from 45 to 60 minutes.
The initiative is experimental in nature, according to the source.

It is reported about other methods of impact on traffic, to which the police may resort.

For example, traffic lights, trafficing flow regulator. This means that if at least one driver decides to break the speed limit, traffic lights immediately turn on a red light. Therefore, all affected members of the movement - due to violations of one person will have to wait around. It is also planned to tell people, for whatever reason, they just had to get up at a traffic light.

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