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Tajikistan equalizes official and unofficial dollar exchange rates

The official dollar / somoni rate was 9.43 somoni, and during the day it increased by 27 dirams and amounted to 9.70 somoni. The National Bank of Tajikistan explains this by the equation of the difference between the official and the unofficial rate.

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According to Asia Plus, citing a source, due to the large difference between the official and market rates, the population preferred not to contact banks for currency exchange.
“In particular, in order to reduce exchange rate pressure and the impact of existing currency risks, as well as to ensure compliance with the 2% difference between the official and unofficial exchange rates, it was decided to make a one-time adjustment to the official US dollar exchange rate,” the National Bank said.

The regulator also said that the growth of the dollar against the somoni is associated with a negative foreign trade balance of a decrease in the volume of money transfers and a reduction in offers in the foreign exchange market, the source said.

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