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Tashkent has become increasingly popular among tourists

In the period from January to October 2019 the inflow of foreign tourists in Tashkent increased by 42%. If the 350 009 foreign tourists, but this year the flow of tourists increased to 498,731 people during the same period in 2018 arrived in Tashkent.

Portal pv.uz/Pravda Vostoka/ 11 November. Whereas previously foreign tourists visited Tashkent, mainly in the tourist season, but now the situation has changed. "On average, tourists stay in Tashkent for 2 days, but the department works to foreign visitors and detained for 3-4 days. For this city administration is working on the creation of new tourist routes and monthly offers travel agencies and operators to include Tashkent Tashkent in their routes, "- noted in the Department of Tourism Development in Tashkent.

What influenced the rate increase the inflow of tourists to Tashkent?
Recently, there have been many reforms, which are aimed at optimizing the tourism industry in Uzbekistan. For example, in October of this year, responsibility for violation of rules of stay in the Republic of Uzbekistan has been reclassified from the criminal to the administrative field. This means that if you exceed the period of stay in Uzbekistan, foreigners will no longer be prosecuted, and now the offense is punishable by a fine. An important innovation was the appearance on the streets of the capital of the tourist police. Unit works to maintain public order in tourist facilities and security guests.

Also introduced a ban on the sale of things that do not belong to the traditional national subjects, near historical sites. Thus, the Chinese "trinkets" are not contrasted with the traditional spirit of the historic buildings. In addition, rapidly solve the problem of shortage of rooms for tourists.
One of the most important innovations is the completion of the list of states whose citizens have the right without a visa to visit Uzbekistan. Since 2020 the total number of countries reached 86.

In Tashkent there are more attractions
In general, travelers from overseas travel to Uzbekistan to visit cities such as Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara. However, in part due to the fact that in Tashkent built many interesting buildings and recreated historical authentic architecture, tourists pay more attention to the capital of Uzbekistan.
Recently, it was built many parks and complexes, mosques. If you raise the issue of authenticity of architecture, an example can serve as a park "Navruz", which is the embodiment of traditional architecture and attracts many tourists, and opened in May of this year, no less authentic complex "Suzuki-ota", which combines the reconstructed mausoleum and the mosque, as well as houses for artisans, according to Tashkent city administration.

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