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12 Sep  2019 1706

Tashkent received a trade and economic mission from Kazakhstan.

On September 10-12, a trade and economic mission was organized, organized by the Foreign Trade Chamber of Kazakhstan, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Atameken (NPP Atameken), and the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is one of the five key trade partners of Uzbekistan. In 2018, trade between the countries grew by a third and amounted to more than $ 2 billion.
A further goal is to bring trade to 5 billion. And this will be facilitated by the new international center for trade and economic cooperation "Central Asia", the creation of which was agreed during a meeting of the heads of state in Tashkent.

During bilateral meetings at various levels, the issue of canceling Uzbekistan's excise taxes on goods imported from Kazakhstan was often raised. As a result of such negotiations, it was possible to reduce the level of excise taxes on the highest priority export goods.

As a result of the reform of the excise policy of Uzbekistan last year, the number of Kazakhstani products subject to excise taxes decreased from 208 to 50 from January 1, 2019. Today, out of 1,450 excise goods exported to Uzbekistan, 50 is worth $ 9.5 million.

It is expected that liberalization of the excise policy of Uzbekistan will lead to a significant increase in the export of Kazakhstani products to the country's market.
The current Kazakhstan delegation included 23 companies working in the construction, food and engineering industries.

Within the framework of the mission, meetings were held in the “B2B” format to expand bilateral relations and conclude new contracts. On the first day, the third meeting of the Uzbek-Kazakh Business Council was also held.

The greatest interest was shown in Kazakhstani iodized salt. Between the companies Araltuz AO and Diplomat Finance LLC a contract was concluded in the amount of 200,000 euros.
The mission was carried out jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan with the aim of studying the market, establishing close economic ties between the countries and concluding mutually beneficial contracts.

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