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18 Apr  2019 1297

The tariffs for water and sewage are to be revised

The Government of Uzbekistan approves the Regulation on the procedure for forming, declaring (approving) and establishing regulated prices (tariffs) for water supply and sewerage services.

According to it, when setting tariffs for water supply and sewage services, full repayment of the cost of services rendered to the consumer is taken into account, as well as the expenses for the development of water supply and sanitation organizations.

Decree introduces a mandatory inventory of all instruments (meters) used for consumption of cold and hot water by consumers, before July 1, 2019.

By August 1, 2019, a program will be developed to install metering devices for hot and cold water consumption.

The norms of drinking water consumption by the population should be revised by local authorities by July 1, 2019.

According to the Regulation, water supply and sewage organizations, together with housing and utility services, will apply to the Ministry of Finance (finance) to review and approve the new prices. Afterwards the Ministry of Finance would approve it and publish the subsequent decision at least 15 days before their entry into force.

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