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16 Feb  2019 4162

The Central Bank announced the design of a new 100 thousand bill

Uzbekistan largest banknote is dedicated to astronomy and Mirzo Ulugbek. Its release will begin on February 25th.

According to Central Bank press release, the banknote of 144 x 78 mm is made on special protected paper.

The prevailing colors of the front and reverse background are light brown and blue.

On the front left side, there is a monument to Mirzo Ulugbek. Mirzo Ulugbek Observatory is depicted on the reverse.

The banknote is equipped with various security elements - watermarks, special highly protected thread, some images have ferromagnetic and luminescent properties and metallographic printing to create perceptible relief.

Special element on the front side have special embossing for blind could determine the nominal.


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