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26 Aug  2019 1988

Scientists have presented a greenhouse that can be installed outside the planet

It will be used on the moon and Mars during space missions.

Photo by augsburger-allgemeine.de

Scientists from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) presented the results of the Antarctic project EDEN-ISS worth five million euros. Thanks to the created greenhouse, the astronauts will be provided with vegetables and berries.

For 9.5 months in the Antarctic managed to grow 268 kilograms of vegetables on 12.5 square meters, the source said.

A total of 67 kg of cucumbers, green salad - 117 kg and tomatoes - 50 kg were harvested. But strawberries and peppers did not want to grow in difficult conditions.
A folding model of the greenhouse can be deployed 13 meters and grow about 90 kg of vegetables and herbs.

The experiments will continue in the Arctic, because not all problems have yet been solved. For example, we have to study the problem of growing peppers and strawberries. Also, the operation of the system should be adjusted taking into account the remote start.

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