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3 Apr  2019 2075

Since the beginning of the year, the budget received 18.4 trillion soums of tax revenue

This year's number is 1.7 times higher than last year’s. The State Tax Committee considers it as an evidence that "citizens began to follow the word of the law more, and businessmen are to come out of the shadow."

In its statement, the STC also notes that in the first quarter, VAT revenues doubled. And the number of VAT payers has increased five times, reaching 35 thousand legal entities.

The revenue gathered of income tax increased 2.6 times. The number of entrepreneurs paying it has increased 5 times, passing the mark of 32 thousand.

For the first three months of the 2019, 49,700 legal entities paid the water tax, which is 14.4 times more to last year’s figures.

The number of land tax payers for this period increased by 5.8 times, reaching 75 thousand legal entities.

Due to the reduction of the individuals wage fund tax rate, 169 billion soums remain at the disposal of enterprises. And 1.7 trillion soums, previously received by the budget, remained with the workers.

In general, during the 2019 first quarter, the number of individuals paying income taxes reached 4.8 million, a 10% increase from last year.

The STC also notes that such reports were not previously revealed for general discussion.

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