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Uzbekistan in world media
19 Nov  2019 931

"Uzbekistan on the road to free market" - an interview with the ambassador of Uzbekistan in Poland

The Polish magazine «LOGISTYKA: Transport manager» published an interview with the ambassador of Uzbekistan in Poland B. Babayev entitled "Uzbekistan on the road to the free market."

The article raised the topics that today are interested not only Polish citizens, but also many others. Among these topics - sector of Uzbekistan's economy and privileges for foreign investors, improvement of road infrastructure, including the development of railways and routes, the growing potential of the textile industry, the possibility of cooperation in the sphere of external labor migration, creation of favorable conditions for intensive development of tourism, the most full and effective use of the tourism potential of the regions, improving the management of tourist industry of Uzbekistan and other.

The article emphasizes that foreign companies, including those from Poland, showing an increasing interest in the Uzbek textile manufacturers. Exports of textile products, including fabrics from Uzbekistan is now over $ 1 billion. The finished products are sold in more than 60 countries around the world. By 2021, the volume of exports will increase to $ 2 billion, according to news agency "Dunyo".

A special place in the magazine paid serious positive changes in the rail industry of Uzbekistan. Construction of new and reconstructed existing railway stations, equipped with modern technology, developed passenger service conditions that meet international standards and requirements. One of the priorities is the implementation of projects to upgrade fleet of locomotives, passenger and freight cars. In enterprises mastered their serial production.

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