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International cooperation
13 Dec  2019 875

Uzbekistan, the United States, Afghanistan - trilateral meeting

In the eighth ministerial conference of the forum "Heart of Asia - Istanbul Process" held a trilateral meeting of the heads of delegations of Uzbekistan, the United States and Afghanistan.

At the meeting, Uzbekistan was represented by the Special Representative of the President of Afghanistan Ismatulla Irgashev, United States - Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia  Ellis Wells and Afghanistan - Acting Foreign Minister Idris Zaman.

During the meeting the sides discussed issues of expansion of trade between the countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan, cooperation in promoting socio-economic development of Afghanistan, as well as the IRA's involvement in regional integration processes.

American and Afghan sides gave a high assessment made by the President of Uzbekistan steps to assist the Government of Afghanistan and the international community to promote a peaceful political process, the restoration of social and economic infrastructure of the country and the integration of the IRA in the Central Asian region.

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