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The terrifying consequences of Dorian in the Bahamas

The devastating Hurricane Dorian hovered almost motionless over the northern Bahamas, with residents asking for emergency assistance.

Despite the fact that the hurricane is gradually losing strength, heavy rains, the hurricane wind and the water it drives on the coast will threaten the inhabitants of the island for at least another day. The maximum recorded wind speed is 205 km / h.

There are dead - at least five people. On the east coast of the United States, where a hurricane can travel, a state of emergency is still maintained.

The US National Hurricane Center reports, now Dorian is inactive, it is assigned the third category on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Residents are advised to stay in shelters - the agency warns that Dorian can still cause gusts of wind at speeds of up to 250 km per hour and a rise in water level of 3–3.5 m.

 In the USA, in the Palm Beach County (Florida), located 160 km west of the hurricane, wind gusts of up to 93 km / h are recorded.

Judging by amateur videos and media reports, there are large-scale flooding in the Big Bahamas, and desperate residents climb onto the roofs of houses to escape from the incoming water.

 Flooded hospital in Freeport. Patients were evacuated from there. The Bahamas International Airport went under two meters.

 More than 5 thousand calls have already been received at local radio stations asking for help.

The Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Hubert Minnis, stated that the destruction caused by the hurricane to the Abaco Islands, which had previously hit Dorian’s main blow, is unprecedented in nature and called it a tragedy of historical proportions.

The International Red Cross has expressed concern that mudflows could contaminate drinking water sources on the islands. According to the organization, about 13 thousand houses were partially or completely destroyed.

The capital of the islands, Nassau, was also flooded.

Chella Philipps, the manager of a charity helping homeless animals, wrote on Facebook that she placed 97 dogs in her home in Nassau during a hurricane.

Recent meteorological forecasts show that Dorian can approach the US east coast at a dangerous distance, but it is still difficult to give an accurate assessment of the possible trajectory of its further movement.
 In Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, an emergency regime is still in force, and mandatory evacuation has been announced in many areas.

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