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19 Aug  2019 2514

Iceland decided to install a memorial plaque to 700-year-old glacier Okjökull

The glacier has already melted, but the memory of it will be immortalized.

The symbolic action is initiated by scientists from the private American Rice University (Texas). Thus, they plan to draw attention to climate change. And the glacier itself was not chosen by chance, it was he who was one of the first to melt due to natural disasters.

A letter to the future is engraved on a bronze plaque in Icelandic and English, reports dw.com.

According to the Swedish daily NSD, citing specialists from the Icelandic Institute of Meteorology, there were a little more than 300 glaciers in the country. They also cite the advantages of their melting - an increase in the level of local rivers, as well as the fact that hydropower plants can generate more energy.

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