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13 Feb  2019 4768

Nuclear energy will only serve peaceful purposes

Uzbekistan adopts the Concept for the nuclear energy development for the period 2019–2029, which was approved by the President on February 7, 2019.

The concept defines the basic principles of the national policy in nuclear energy, measures for their implementation, the main risks, financing, as well as the monitoring and control mechanism.

The main principles of the national policy: peaceful purposes, protecting people and environment from potential threats, complying with IAEA safety requirements and ensuring the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The main objectives of the development of the nuclear power industry are to provide the country by 2030 with a reliable, safe, cost-effective source of electricity, by creating a national nuclear infrastructure, building the first 2.4 GW nuclear power plant, and ensuring the long-term development of the nuclear power industry.

The decree also approved the “roadmap” for the concept implementation. It includes measures to join or implement relevant international conventions, as well as the develop and adopt relevant norms and rules of peaceful nuclear energy. The nuclear waste management will also be considered, the press service of the "Uzatom" Agency informs.

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