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16 Aug  2019 3770

Shymkent asked to limit meat exports to Uzbekistan

The price of beef in a Kazakh city again soared. Up to 2.5 thousand tenge (more than 56 thousand soums) per kilogram of product in demand.

Photo otyrar.kz

The price of beef meat has been growing for the second month, and exponentially, otyrar.kz reports. According to complaints from sellers, its sales fell significantly.
In Shymkent akimat, the jump in prices was explained by the mass export of livestock by local farmers to Uzbekistan, where it can be profitably sold. According to official statistics, over 6 months, about one and a half thousand heads were taken to the neighboring market. Supplies to the local market fell sharply.

“Due to the situation with rising meat prices, our department sent an official letter to the competent authorities. Please reduce or limit the export of beef and ensure the domestic market. Now our appeal is being considered, ”said Kairat Bazarbekov, head of the department for entrepreneurship and innovative development of Shymkent.
However, this was already approved in December last year, when the price of meat in Shymkent also soared.

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