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Tasty, but not free: a gastronomic tourism festival opened in Tashkent

The I International Gastronomic Festival Gastro Bazaar-2019 began its work on the central metropolitan street Zarafshan.

Photo by Muzaffar Abdullaev.

Tents were set up from various regions of Uzbekistan and fast food chain companies - the latter, as always, were the first. And while the firepots of the Ferghana, Khorezm, Samarkand and other regions were only laying products in the cauldrons, networkers were already selling vengeance hamburgers, juices and ice cream.
On the first day in the morning the action was just unfolding, and most importantly, according to its regional participants, the full picture can be seen on the second and third day of the festival. However, the organizers - Goskomturizma and the metropolitan hokimiyat - announced its beginning. Representatives of the World Tourism Organization and foreign gastronomic tourism associations told reporters about the enormous impact of this area on the socio-economic development of the country, and the first groups of foreign travelers interested in this have already appeared on Sayilgokh Street.
They were surprised to understand by the rumble of guides that they were not expected at this time, because not all dishes were still ready. However, interest in the event did not disappear. Guests were photographed against the backdrop of the gifts of Uzbek cuisine and melons. By the way, one of the first to cook pilaf was Ferghana ospaz, and judging by its appearance and aroma, it is truly beautiful!
However, the alluring smell of the preparing pilaf came from almost every regional tent and portended a real holiday for lovers of national cuisine. The organizers along with gastronomic delights also promise a lot of interesting meetings and music. For example, on August 10, for the first time in our country, a master class on MICE tourism and the meeting industry will be held.
By the way, the rumors that had appeared before that they would be allowed to enter the festival only on vouchers were denied by the State Committee for Tourism, saying that they were waiting for everyone who would come. And one more news ... not for the faint of heart - you will have to pay for everything eaten.

Sanjar Yakubov.


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