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Yandex plans to post news in Uzbek

 Service will collect and display media materials that are published in Uzbek

Podrobno.uz reports, that this will help local publications to attract a new audience, and users will be able to choose in which language to read the news.

"People should have complete and objective information about the events, so we want to show all the news - both in Russian and Uzbek. Many local publications are already transmitting Russian-language articles to us. We expect the media to share the materials that they publish in Uzbek. Then our users will be up to date with all the news, "says Yevgeny Lukyanchikov, Yandex regional director in Uzbekistan.

At the moment, the service works only in Russian. The most important events in Uzbekistan and in the world go to yandex.uz. This also happens without human intervention. When choosing the main news, the service takes into account various factors, including the amount of materials about the event and the credibility of the media. In the same way, the service will work with news in the Uzbek language.

Any publication that publishes exclusive materials in Russian or in Uzbek (in Latin) can become a partner of the service. For this, it is enough to send a request to info@news.yandex.ru. In response, the service team will send the necessary connection information.

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