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23 Aug  2019 2101

The cultural heritage of Uzbekistan: the unity of spirituality and beauty

The grand opening of the Cultural Heritage Week "Uzbekistan - the Crossroads of Great Roads and Civilizations: Empire, Religion, Culture" and the III International Congress of the World Society for the Study, Preservation and Promotion of the Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan (HE) took place in the NAESMI media hall. Also, the first of its kind exhibition, “Treasures of the Kushan Empire,” gathered dozens of priceless artifacts for the first time displayed in one place, also began to work in the Gallery of Fine Arts.

The scale of the Culture Week cannot but impress. Now in Uzbekistan there are the most respected experts in the fields of studying and preserving antiquities.
UNESCO Director General O. Azule, management and members of the Center and the World Heritage Committee, ministers of culture of several countries, ICOMOS experts, scientists, researchers of the historical and cultural heritage of Central Asia, restorers and many others take part in the work.

“If a country has a rich history, unique traditions and spirituality, real blasphemy is not to demonstrate them, not to study,” said VO chairman of the board, project manager Firdavs Abdukhalikov in his welcoming remarks. - Our event has a lot of goals and objectives. Firstly, it is important for us to promote the principles of UNESCO for the protection of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Today, there are more than several hundred people here - historians, archaeologists, employees of museums and libraries, scientists and artists, media workers. All are united by the goal of learning more, helping Uzbekistan to preserve its treasured value. Secondly, we are interested in the exchange of experience of various countries in the preservation and popularization of historical and cultural heritage at the present stage, and at the same time, in the introduction of new strategies and innovative digital technologies in the study, conservation and restoration of historical and cultural objects.

An important event was the presentation of new album books. Now 13 more editions have seen the light - volumes from the 21st to the 33rd. This includes the Manuscripts of Maverannahr in the collections of France, Central Asian Art in the Collections of the University of Cambridge, Sogdian Numismatics in the Collection of the British Museum, Decorative and Applied Art of Uzbekistan in the Collection of the Museum of Asia and the Pacific in Warsaw, Masterpieces of the Period Temurids in museum collections of Uzbekistan. "
You may notice that many collections are located abroad. Therefore, it is of particular importance that all parties are interested in providing each other with access to heritage sites for their further study and the creation of a more complete picture.

“For us, all proposals for cooperation are important, ready to help and are glad of the interest of specialists,” said Deputy Prime Minister Aziz Abdukhakimov. - In the meantime, we want to introduce experts to Tashkent. In a week they will see the four richest in the sights of the city, attend dozens of different conferences. The program is designed in such a way that all its points are connected and make up a single information canvas, by which it is already possible to judge both about our country and its heritage, spirituality. Ahead are many interesting projects, studies. All materials of the Culture Week will be published in a special collection. It was also decided to announce a competition for the best popular science work on the preservation of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. The winner will receive a large cash prize.

The Gallery of Fine Arts hosted the grand opening of the exhibition “Treasures of the Kushan Empire”, which featured 50 gold exhibits. All of them were discovered as part of a treasure in 1972 on the coast of Surkhandarya by an art history expedition led by G. Pugachenkova.

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